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Anatomy of a Burger

There once was a hamburger whose name was James--
What? Didn’t you know all burgers have names?
Well they do--some are Norbert and some are named Neal,
Some are Llewellyn, some ate Lucille,
Some just have nicknames like Bunky or Bean,
Others have long names like Rose-Mavoureen,
Like you, each one’s special and no one’s the same,
So please, ‘fore you bite,
Be polite--ask their name.

-James by Shel Silverstein

Sometimes you just need a burger and fries. When I hopped off the stalled subway a stop early tonight and wandered towards my apartment in the chill, I realized that was just what I needed.

I'll put this right up front - for hamburger purists - I opted for a fish patty. Don't get me wrong, I love a simple, no holds barred, down and out hamburger but high quality ground beef is expensive and hard to find at my local grocer. Sometimes you have to go for the best option in the moment! (Plus tuna burgers are delish, y'all.)


The Holy Grail

No type of burger is complete without a side of fries! This bad boy cozied up to oven-baked blue, red-skinned & idaho potato fries tossed in salt, pepper & smoked paprika. I thought they deserved an extra-special sauce, so I made a curry-tomato sauce with some preserved lemon. Talk about YUM!