Day 5 - June 5th, 2016 - "Stop and smell the roses"

I traveled back from Boston this morning and headed right to Brooklyn when I got into NYC. I kept placing my note in mind as I wandered from train to subway to subway to my friend's apartment. I just didn't feel called to anything I passed. As I was about to unlock my front door I remembered it was still in my purse. I walked back up to the street thinking I may put it in front of the yoga studio on my corner. When I happened upon these roses I knew it was the spot!

Kevin Smith was asked on a podcast what advice he would give his younger self. Today's message was his answer. I love the notion we will receive what we ask for, what we deeply desire, but we have to wait and be open to it showing up in expected ways. I really needed this reminder today. 

Location: 45th Street & 34th Avenue, Astoria