#RandomLoveLetter Challenge

May really knocked me off of my game and I was looking to June to find steady footing. When I scrolled past the #randomloveletter challenge on Instagram over the weekend it felt like fate. I love happening upon inspirational notes in NYC, for me they serve as constant reminders we are all just trying to get by, to find love and joy and contentment.

New Yorkers move fast and barely stop even for a "No Crossing" sign, darting through traffic to get to what's next. There is very little "now" in NYC, if you've heard about it or seen it or done it, it's already done. I wanted to create notes that draw you into the present moment, that could serve as reminders to cherish the space between where we came from and where we are going. They invite the viewer to pause and take action to discover the message within. My hope is this creates a greater connection to the message and gives them a deeper sense of peace and joy.

Follow me on Instagram to see where the notes end up, and check here for the behind the scenes. I'm really excited to add a bit more joy and love to NYC (and a few other places too)!

Read more about the challenge on Olivia Lin's Blog.


  • Muji Marker Kit
  • Veer "Notes & Notions" Notebook
  • Washi Tape

Day 1 - June 1, 2016 - "Need a little help?"

Location: Steinway Street M/R in Astoria

Day 2 - June 2, 2016 - "Can you spot it?"

Location: Corner of 17th Street & 6th Avenue, Manhattan

Check back later today for Day 3!