Day 13, 14 & 15

DAY 13 - JUNE 15TH, 2016 - "LOOK DOWN"

In a perfect instance of fate, I forgot to take a photo of the message in my note today and right after I posted it my friend found it, snapped a pic and carefully returned it so someone else could find it too. Feels a bit magical, right?

Location: Irving Place & 17th Street, Manhattan

DAY 14 - JUNE 16TH, 2016 - "PAY IT FORWARD"

Today's note was another one that got carted around throughout the day never seeming to find it's spot. I thought it may be cool on some street art on 34th Avenue but got cold feet when it came to posting & snapping a pic in such a high-traffic area. Walking home, I ended up on a corner where I found a note last July during a particularly tough time. Glad I finally had the chance to pay it forward.

Location: 43rd Street & 34th Avenue, Astoria

DAY 15 - JUNE 17TH, 2016 - "LOVE ON LOVE, XO"

One of the best things about this project has been the opportunities throughout the month to post outside of NYC, starting with Boston, then Chicago and now Philly!

Location: The Porch at 30th Street, 30th Street Station, Philadelphia