Call me a Quitter

I started this blog with the intention of focusing more on cooking, improving my food styling, photography, and reviewing skills, and eventually developing recipes. All worthy ambitions but I didn't realize one BIG thing - blogging about cooking changes the entire experience of cooking in a way I don't enjoy. When I'm in the kitchen it's ALL ABOUT FLOW. Cooking is my zen. 

When I’m in the kitchen it’s ALL ABOUT FLOW. Cooking is my zen.

I am an intuitive cook adjusting dishes as I go, always trying to respond to what my food needs. I rarely follow a recipe and usually can't replicate a past dish exactly. To blog, I need to step back to take photos or make notes. Shifting from participant to observer makes it difficult to maintain my flow, make intuitive choices, and move swiftly enough to complete dishes well.  I thought blogging would really inspire me to work harder in the kitchen but it didn't. I wrote a few posts that I was definitely proud of, but they were also very strange personal cooking experiences. I realized what I really enjoyed was snapping a photo (maybe two) and sharing on Instagram after enjoying my fresh meal. So I quit blogging because it wasn't working for me, and you know what? I'm glad that I did.

I quit blogging because it wasn’t working for me, and you know what? I’m glad that I did.

We don't hear enough about the value of quitting. We all know we have to do the work. That good things don't come easily, and that we are going to fall down a hell of a lot more times than we succeed. Don't misunderstand me - I'm not talking about giving up on those good, hard things that get you closer to your goals. I'm talking about those things we try because we think they will be fulfilling, or will help us along a path, then we realize that they aren't giving us what we need.

There is a stigma around being a quitter but the rhetoric doesn't make sense. If we want to be fulfilled creative beings we have to dive into new things head first. Sometimes those things are amazing and we love them; sometimes those things are unfulfilling, not at all what we expected, and the thought of continuing them is upsetting (at best). When the latter happens that's when it's time to quit, with a flourish! Quitting feels AMAZING. It's akin to losing ten pounds, getting a brand new haircut, the first time you wear those brand new shoes. It's refreshing, liberating and HEALTHY.

Quitting feels AMAZING. It’s refreshing, liberating and HEALTHY.

The best part about quitting (about life really)? Our choices don't define us, and most of them aren't permanent. I quit blogging in February. Recently, I returned to school and started a new personal project, reminding me of another intention I had for blogging - to share meaningful content. With that in mind, I'm hoping to slowly return to blogging over the coming months. Food and cooking will be a central theme, while bringing my other interests into the mix. So you can call me a quitter and a "flip-flopper", a DO-ER and a TRY-ER. I'll gladly own them all and keep on moving!

Be a quitter. Be a failure. Be a loser!