Eating Out, Alone: A Series

One of the best and worst things about living in NYC is the endless amount of really killer restaurants offering fare from around the globe. On the one hand you are incredibly spoiled - want soup dumplings, macarons, or oxtail at 2am on a Tuesday? It's cool, we got you! On the other hand, there are more places than you will ever have time to eat at, so you have to become strategic. Sometimes your meals will be serendipitous - a friend from the office wants to grab dinner, and they do want to trek to that new Malaysian restaurant in Flushing you've been dying to check out. Other times, however, you can't seem to find the right person at the right time to try a spot on your to dine list.

As I mulled over starting this blog, I thought about ways I could use it to challenge & motivate myself to do things I don't usually do, or things I love that I'd let slide with that ever present excuse: "I'm too busy!" One thing that kept coming to the forefront was checking off restaurants on my list whether I could find a co-diner or not. I'm not one to dine alone. I cherish alone time, but that generally happens in the comfort of my cozy Astoria apartment. However, I really love food and I realized missing out on a great new spot because no one was free when I wanted to dine out is just plain silly!

So I'm kicking off my "Eating Out, Alone" series. My first go was a bit of a cheat - I started with lunch to ease into the solitary dining experience. Armed with my iPad & The King in Yellow queued up on iBooks, it was off to lunch!

The location:

Sammy's Noodle Shop

The ambiance: 

This place is old school NYC - the interior is drab and a bit dingy but plants situated along the large, inviting windowsills add character and the staff is friendly and attentive.

The order: 

Pickled Cabbage & Pork Noodle Soup | Sweet Red Bean Bun, Steamed

Spinach, pork, pickled cabbage, bean sprouts and my favorite part - crispy onions

Red bean bun with just the right dough-to-filling ratio - a bit of each in every bite

The bottom line:

I'm no food critic, so I won't attempt to decipher the flavor profiles or describe the texture and aroma of each bite. The portions were large. The soup was warm, filling, well-prepared with a nice balance of ingredients and made me quite happy to chow down on. Each bite with a crispy onion was a pleasant surprise. The bun's dough was a little chewy for my tastes but the bean paste was flavorful & not too sweet. Coming in under $15, with enough food to save for dinner or lunch the next day, Sammy's is a great choice for a weekday lunch.

I leave you with a mantra to live by: Happy eating is healthy eating!